Blues like Showers of Rain (saydisc) volumes 1 and 2 (with Steve Rye) (late sixties)

Me and the Devil (Liberty).  These tracks also appeared later on the ‘Best of British Blues volume 4’  (Early seventies)

The All Star Medicine Show (with Steve Rye, Bob Hall and John Pilgrim) Red Rag Records (seventies)

Shuckin’ Sugar (solo and with Masha Vlassova and Rob Mason) (2006)

Live at the Colour House Theatre (with ‘Doc’ Stenson and Hylda Sims) (2018)

Something Inside Of Me: Unreleased Masters & Demos From The British Blues Years 1963 – 1976  (  This has 18 tracks of Steve Rye and myself.  Contact me if you want a copy.